Rosem Energy LTD., incorporated May, 8 1992, is committed to making petroleum products available and affordable nationwide. Driven by a passion to see Nigerians enjoy uninterrupted supply of petroleum products, Rosem Energy LTD. invests heavily in an unprecedented distribution network that touches the remotest parts of this nation.

Fuel stations are an integral part of this network, so Rosem Energy has huge investments, in fuel stations nationwide. Attached to the fuel stations are supermarkets. Across the nation, the Rosem Energy brand petroleum products sales stations are a delight. At Rosem Energy, even the villagers are pampered.

The thinking is not just about sales of fuel, at Rosem Energy Limited, national pride, people's psyche and the knowledge that NOW IS THE TIME, are the NEW FORCES.

We have a large fleet of trucks which are the work force of the network, passionately pushing products to customers across the nation.

At Rosem Energy Limited, Maritime Services are inseparable from petroleum products marketing, more so, when some are imported. We are investing in shipping, not only for her importation needs but for commercial purposes. This division is totally autonomous. JSR International our sister company is in charge on this interest.

Our corporate customers across the nation are people who cherish customer attention. At Rosem Energy Limited the customer comes first, second, third ... It is the customer all the way